The Bent Alkhemist is a female owned, Iowa based jewelry business featuring one of a kind, handcrafted, wearable art. From the very beginning, jewelry has been primarily used as an artistic and fashionable item. In most cultures, jewelry is used as an ornament to enhance and exhibit the beauty of the human body. I create unique pieces of jewelry to decorate your personal journey.


Hello, I am Kendra, the owner and designer of The Bent Alkhemist. The first time I put hammer to metal, I fell in love. I spend my days in my Iowa studio, hammering away on jewelry that will inspire love and peace within yourself. Each piece that leaves my studio is filled with intention and meaning.

I started making jewelry at an early age. After many years of creating beaded and filigree jewelry, I decided to take a silversmithing class to expand my skills. I learned a great deal about textures, cold connections, piercing and metals in jewelry design. Before I knew it I was selling at fine arts shows as well as designing and creating jewelry for friends and family.

I am constantly learning new skills and new ways of working with metal, forever expanding my knowledge and love of jewelry. I am also inspired by the world around me, ancient jewelry techniques, the natural beauty of the earth and organic designs found in nature.

I hand fabricate my pieces using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as sawing, piercing, filing, hammering and torch soldering. I design my pieces by sketching them out, sawing them out by hand, and then texturing the metal by hammering, hand stamping and engraving. My favorite part of the design process is coming up with new textures to add to the metals using various tools. I embrace imperfections and use them as part of my design. I also love finding fossils, found objects, unique gemstones and exotic beads to use in my pieces.

If there is a piece you are interested in or would like a custom made piece, please contact me.

I thank you in advance for supporting individual artisans that create handmade products. My hope is that you will enjoy wearing my art as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Thanks for visiting!

Kendra Brockmann
The Bent Alkhemist